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A luxury massage machine by former Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama

The latest product from DreamWave, a high-end massage machine, delivered in line with CES2019. Ken Okuyama, who worked as a Ferrari designer, was in charge of design. North America is not so familiar with massage chairs, but there is plenty of space to install because of the size of the house. With its high design, it aims to appeal to the wealthy.

A common feature of massage chairs is that both sides are designed to open to the left and right like a car door. For seniors, these chairs sit more deeply than normal chairs, so they can sit up and wake up, making it difficult to get up and out. Because it is a high-end model, the price is „about 1 million yen in Japanese yen“ (related party). Pre-order has already started.

„After a few very long days and many, many miles walked, it’s important to take whatever time you can find yourself. And for those few fleeting moments you We do find that this might be the best place to spend them. Its the M.8 from DreamWave perhaps one of the most advance massage chairs on the show floor and since its was design by Enzo feyana i think i can even count it was work“